J2 Medical Supply
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DICLAIMER: This project was not completed for an actual client. It is a sample to demonstrate our design capabilities. This may be based on an actual company, but any information should not be taken as an actual representation of that company.

Reformation From Adversity

Fred had been an entrepreneur for decades, owning multiple businesses. Even with all that experience the Covid-19 pandemic took a toll on his clothing manufacturing business.

Having to lay off 90% of his employees and on the brink of shutting down he had to make a pivot. With the help of his partner he leaned into the resources he had available to start producing and distributing gloves, and other PPE that the world desperately needed.

They wanted to be a solution the the PPE shortage, they wanted to supply hospitals and municipalities. So we helped them develop a brand that established trust with their clientele.

Now, J2 Medical Supply is an FDA-approved supplier of high-quality medical solutions for healthcare, business and government clients across the globe.

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