Champion Academy
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DICLAIMER: This project was not completed for an actual client. It is a sample to demonstrate our design capabilities. This may be based on an actual company, but any information should not be taken as an actual representation of that company.

Championing a Cause

The Champion Academy is a program helping at-risk teens fight for their future. They provide mentors who teach life skills, the importance of serving the community, and provide academic support.

For years the Champion Academy has been helping the community. They had a great story, but they needed a way to tell it. They were consistent with using their logo and brand colors, but they had very few marketing materials and an outdated website. So we created new designs for every area of the organization including...

  • forms & internal documents
  • business cards & brochures
  • posters & signage
  • apparel & merchandise
  • presentation decks
  • social media templates
  • and a vehicle wrap

We topped it off with a new website designed to tell their story and bring in donations. Now they have everything they need to tell their story, and look their best while they continue the story.

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