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DICLAIMER: This project was not completed for an actual client. It is a sample to demonstrate our design capabilities. This may be based on an actual company, but any information should not be taken as an actual representation of that company.

Changing the Face of Tech

Veronica ran a successful I.T. company for many years before leaving for the non-profit sector. After her experience in the non-profit world, Veronica was ready to start something of her own.  

She started TechUpRoc, a movement to increase African American representation in high-tech careers. Techuproc does this in two ways. They host S.T.E.M. workshops for inner city schools and  operate an I.T. consulting business.

As they began to grow Veronica realized that Techuproc did not look like the vision she had for it. She was not confident in sharing her website with potential customers. She knew she had to make a change.

The team at Techuproc worked through our strategy sessions to define their brand. In the process, Veronica got clarity on the next steps to grow her organization. She also ended up with a look and feel that works in B2B tech and the elementary school classroom.

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