UFO Fitness
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DICLAIMER: This project was not completed for an actual client. It is a sample to demonstrate our design capabilities. This may be based on an actual company, but any information should not be taken as an actual representation of that company.

Out of the World Results

Sam is a personal trainer and owner of UFO Fitness. He takes clients of any fitness level and helps them set and achieve their goals. He's know for his customized workouts, contagiously positive personality, and outstanding customer service.

Having years of training and experience he was finally about to start out on his own. He created his own personal training business and found a gym that would host him. He even had an app that he could create personalized exercise programs for his clients. But the app required that he have a logo and brand colors.

We were able create the logo he wanted and one that worked well for for his fitness app. And in one week from the time he reached out that he was ready to launch his app and his business.

Shortly after he started his business, the COVID-19 pandemic started. Gyms were shut down for months. But he was ready. With his new logo he was able to not only survive the pandemic, but gain new clients and grow his training business.

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